The Story of Heart By Heart

hhHeart By Heart is a spin-off of Heart that performs ’70s and ’80s Heart songs with power and precision.

Heart By Heart is considered a spin-off because it includes Heart’s co-founding member and bassist Steve Fossen and original Heart drummer Mike Derosier.  The two members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside their talented bandmates Somar Macek, Randy Hansen, Lizzy Daymont and Bob Rivers, make up Heart By Heart.

“We love Heart. We respect the legacy and the magic of the time we played together.” -Steve Fossen.

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Heart Reunites at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

61534_4810149535251_1639264862_nWhen Heart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, all 6 original members reunited on stage to perform. Ann and Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher and Howard Leese on guitars, and Steve Fossen and Mike Derosier laying down the rhythm. That was a class act thing to do, considering how many groups refuse to give the fans and each other that moment of gratitude and celebration. Heart also played with a veritable who’s who of Seattle rockers, and their current line up. Seattle is known for its camaraderie amongst artists, and Ann and Nancy celebrated the honor of being inducted in a historic way.

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Read the story of Heart

heartbandHeart fans know that the story of the band Heart is a love story, a story of art and passion, of losing and finding your way. It’s the story of amazing talent coming together and breaking new ground with a unique sound. Its the story of the breakup of that original group, an amazing comeback, and a second generation of hits and even greater success. It’s also the story of women succeeding in a mostly male genre. Ann and Nancy Wilson are the stars of that story, and they are amongst the greatest rockers of 2 generations. more…

Heart By Heart Tour Poster

Heart by Heart Tour Poster